Saturday, 13 September 2014

UBC Eats: A&W in UBC Village

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5/5 The decor is awesome.

A&W has been seriously impressing me in the past couple months. The food is quick, it's well made, it's just well rounded, to be honest.

We received some coupons in the mail, and they newly opened an A&W in UBC, as a amateur food reviewer, I thought it was my duty to go check it out.

I got the chubby chicken burger(they let me substitute one of the more expensive coupon deals from the beef to chicken. A+ on the service! Thank you manager!), which was over-salted, but still good. The fries were great! The Root Beer was pretty good (not really a big fan of root beer but I had to try it.) It came in a frosty big glass which was cool.

Recently, I got the Chubby chicken strips meal. This time, the fries were slightly under-salted, but the 3 piece chicken strips I got were really good. Juicy and crispy. 

I've also gotten their hormone free beef burgers, which were tasty. Not memorable, but not bad either. 

Will be going back.


Thursday, 11 September 2014

Restaurant Review: Locus


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This is the perfect place for brunch.

After a wedding ceremony, my friends and I decided to recharge and go for brunch before the reception. So we picked this place. It is absolutely WICKED inside. It's so cool I looooove it. Very dark and whimsical.

The chai latte was quite generic, probably wouldn't order again.

For my main, I got the Southwest Omelette which was done well.

      It had chorizo and lots of good stuff in it. It came with potatoes(fantastic) and a few pieces of fruit. I think the eggs were slightly overcooked but I didn't really mind it. Overall a good sized meal. Would definitely go back because their food is fantastic, the atmosphere is fantastic, and the bread basket that came to the table is unbeatable!!! Loved it!


Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Restaurant Review: Romer's Burger Bar


One day, I felt like burgers. So we went to Romers to try it out. I've always loved their outside decoration, it's so laid back.

We started with their peach Bellini which was unbelievably delicious. Then I ordered the Turkey burger which was one of the blandest turkey burgers I've ever had.

Not sure if they forgot to salt it, but even if it wasn't salted there was actually no flavor. And turkey is usually so flavorful!!!

It was also quite dry.

The fries were fine though. I also ordered their spicy chicken wings which were mediocre.

The service was pretty good.

Honestly, there are so many good burger joints in Vancouver and this just got thrown into the bottom pile of the list.

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Restaurant Review - Burgoo


Slightly disappointing.
I went there for my birthday and had really high hopes for this place. It was good! But definitely did not make it to my top restaurants.

I had their Mac and Cheese which was, again, good, but not absolutely crave-inducing. Not something I would order again.

My mom got the French Onion soup in which the cheese kind of all "glooped" together, which was quite difficult to eat, but it was pretty good.

The Decor inside is really nice and Rustic. Very cool and high ceilings which I love.

Since it was my birthday, I got my dessert.  It was the Chocolate/date/vanilla ice cream pudding. It was waaaaay too sweet. But we finished it because it was a birthday treat!!

Click here to see my Pudding

The service was fantastic and all in all it was okay.

The only thing I would go back and try is their grilled cheese, but not anytime soon.

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Friday, 5 September 2014

Restaurant Review - Smoke's Poutinerie

4.25/5   (Docked some points off because it's a little overpriced)

Click below to see a photo I took of the Perogy Poutine. (The sriracha and ketchup were my creation. Other than that, all them)

Poutine, the food of the drunken gods. For when your blood is filled with alcohol. I love it. I first heard about Smokes through a Youtube video by Epic Meal Time and was impressed. Did a lil research and found out they were coming to Vancouver.  

And the rest is history.

Personally, I've tried the Pulled Pork Poutine(many a times, never fails), Regular Poutine, just Fries, and Perogy Poutine. They are all very damn good. Even when you're not drunk, and that says something. 

I've had it in Kingston and Vancouver, both solid. Great cheese curds, fantastic gravy. 
Sometimes it takes a while to present itself after you order it because they get quite busy. But all in due time. And Cmon, they are open til 4 in the morning on friday and saturday, give these tired boys a break. Go chug a water. 

I would gladly have Perogy poutine again. And again. 

Smokes know their stuff. Consistently delicious. 

Smoke's Poutinerie on Urbanspoon

Smoke's Poutinerie on Urbanspoon